"To make a diference is a constant adventure"

-- HUMUS --

Our services


We create decorative elements from scratch, set the space theme and occasion; the table of a restaurant, a storefront, the reception of your wedding. Nothing like challenging us.

Special Occasions

Partner brands of humus, elaborate custom pieces. If you have a special occasion, wedding, anniversary or other ceremony come and visit us. We are a very handmade shop and sure we can do something unique especially for you.


Need to effectively communicate your brand on the web? Need something that can handle intuitively, a website, a online store, a Facebook page? Already have a website but is now in need of a makeover? We have solution for that.


Rui Rodrigues

Content Manager


Royal advisers

Patricia Silva



Last works

Christmas Storefronts Contest 2013


ACILIS, the Commercial Association of Leiria promoted a storefronts decoration conteste on the period 9-16 December. It was a reprint of the now traditional Christmas Contest in Leiria, Batalha and Porto de Mós, with the aim of promoting trade and beautify the shopping streets of these three locations. The HUMUS was notified of such event and decided to participate!

Cardamomo Restaurant


Our mission was to build a model of a centerpiece and decorate a model of napkin-ring. The centerpiece was built from scratch; pine wood handpainted. The rings were also handpainted and decorated with a cotton fringe and a rattle. In shades of ocher and light red, our intention was to bring a bit of color that India offers.

Long live the Downtown center


HUMUS adventured itself and challenged others to venture with it. Live the Historic Center - Roadmap of Flavours Culture and Welfare is the culmination of something very positive: collaboration and sharing of knowledge, ideas and work. (...) the result from them can be unpredictable, at least your know your intent was genuine and that all is productive because there was movement and union of diferent people.

In the heart of the city

Sessão fotográfica

In the Heart of the City was an event organized by ECO - Cultural Association of Leiria and VDesign in order to streamline the historic downtown of Leiria and show that the most emblematic areas of the city are alive while promoting this cultural and urban shows, with the collaboration of local merchants and the city council support.


23 de Janeiro de 2014 / HUMUS appetites


We started the year with appetites, appetites for change . Substantially swollen by that suggestion of beginning of the year, which appears in many of us;  that thing ” new”, newcomer, expectant, unpredictable year. And it looks fancy to us to design something new for the future that we know so quickly becomes present . We, HUMUS, we feel like a new image , more creators / authors with projects out of the ordinary, we feel like unlikely combinations , results that are significantly more than the sum of its parts, oranges with much juice, … Well, I said we

21 de Dezembro de 2013 / It’s Christmas


It’s Christmas. Outside it’s windy and rains a lot. We look from the inside of the shop and think it is a beautiful antithesis of the night we expect; a night we expect cozy and warm, where we can share a meal with family, more family than usual or the same as always. Well, it’s still raining outside and it reminds us of the good things that only those who love us can bring us, warm and care. HUMUS want your Christmas Eve to be cozy and shared and, if not asking too much, quite happy. This is our first

Look at the sky

Imagining and conceiving is simply fantastic.